S P R I N G ... F L I N G <3

Love is in the air and so is our new Spring Fling Collection curated for this season. From butterflies to gorgeous flower designs, we got you! Our new personal favourite collection to be frank.

Spring flowers with a beautiful sunset

Spring has become one of my favourite seasons as of late. With the warmer days upon us and the sun beaming through our windows early in the morning is such a vibe. Different seasons represents different moods to me. With spring, it brings feelings of hope, optimism, growth and great memories to my younger days.  (Hello! Spring Fling Dance! Shoutout to my fellow graduating class of 2000 & something).

This season also represents new life, from dead trees coming back to life to the real meaning of Easter. It represents light, pastels and colour to my life. Pure inspiration to me during this time. That is why we curated a collection specifically for this season.

Check out our must have pieces to add to your collection. 


xx Kisses,

Sisterberry & Co.

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