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These reeds are made from all-natural, high-quality fibrous rattan. It's eco-friendly & sustainable. The reeds absorb the fragrance to the top and disperse it into the room. You’ll need to use at least 10 in a bottle.

These Diffuser Reeds are bundled in 10 Reeds per bundle.

3/16" x 10"

DIY Clean Fragrance Oil Recipe

100ml of carrier oil (grapeseed, sweet almond oil, argan or jojoba oil are great alternatives)

2-3 tbsp of essential oil of your choice

1 tbsp of witch hazel or isopropyl alcohol

Mix and pour into Diffuser Glass Bottle.

Soak the reeds in the concoction for a few hours. Flip the moistened side of the reeds over to air and the fragrance will slowly release. This is a non-toxic and clean way to enjoy the to therapeutic benefits of the essential oils! 

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