Matsutake Pine Mushrooms - Sisterberry & Co.
Matsutake Pine Mushrooms - Sisterberry & Co.
Matsutake Pine Mushrooms - Sisterberry & Co.
Matsutake Pine Mushrooms - Sisterberry & Co.
Forbes Wild Foods

Matsutake Pine Mushrooms (25% OFF)

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The Matsutake Pine Mushroom is one of the most sought after and revered mushrooms in Canada. Every year hundreds of pickers scour the forests of B.C. looking for this mushroom. Fresh, they are often packed up and shipped to Japan, where eager chefs will spend a great deal for choice specimens.

Dried Matsutake are sometimes eaten in Japan like potato chips. The aroma and flavour are sweet and woodsy. Some people are able to pick out a slight pine scent from the forest floor where they grow. In some recipes they take on the taste of seafood. Ground into small flakes, Matsutake make an excellent rub for barbecued chicken.


Matsutake Pine Mushrooms


14g & 50g


Forbes Wild Foods is a Canadian company that supplies wild, hand-picked foods. All their foods are harvested from the Canadian wilderness by trained, knowledgeable pickers who practice progressive harvesting methods. In other words, ones that are sustainable for the plant species where it's found, for its surrounding ecosystem, and for the pickers themselves, whose livelihood is supported by a thriving source of wild foods.

Their pickers are usually residents of rural or remote communities who respect the lands that support them. They are Indigenous people, women, youth, retirees, farmers, and professional foragers. Only those wild foods whose survival is not in danger and that grow in great abundance are harvested. 

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